The Birth of AULA TV

Keeping in line with the Antioch ideals, AULA radio is 'evolving' into a sort of digivision. Howard has been working independently on a project entitled 'Student Speak'. We have decided to collaborate and the birth child of such effort is AULA TV. I will not be updating this site and all further postings from the events of AULA will be located at....


Artistic Uprising | Call for Submissions

Help support the Arts on campus! Here is a flyer for submissions to next quarters Artistic Uprising. This event will take place November 21-22. If you have any questions, contact Cindy Short at

You can download the submission form here.
The proceeds from this event will benefit the Bridge Program. Find out how awesome the bridge program is by clicking here

Philip Barragan | Uprising

Philip, BA superstar, read a moving story based on the death of his father. Philip has other wonderful works published to the Two Hawks site...